I took a little break from developing our new patterns to sew something for myself and my little one. I have been rather emotional as of late as my son is rapidly approaching two (!!!) and his babyhood is well in truly over and he’s half way through his toddlerhood, which had left me fondly reflecting on the last two years and trying to absorb as much as possible of his cute little ways and his mixed up words before he turns into a proper little boy and all will be forgotten.

I was also rather saddened that I haven’t had the chance to sew him anything (anything!) and that, well it’s just not good enough for a sewist is it? I had hoped to have both of our (matching) shirts completed for our Mothers Day (Australian Mothers Day), but the best of intentions and planning is no match for sleepless nights and a teething toddler.

The pattern is the very popular Archer shirt, made in a size 2 with no alterations apart from a slight modification to create a concealed button stand. The fit was great, but I’ll definitely add a little more length through the hip next time. I would be tempted to try the next size up for a slightly more oversized look and as I used a lightweight fusing, I really think both under and top collars, and both collar stands  should have been fused. The collar looks a little floppy in these photos. I made our shirts in a really beautiful quality Oxford cotton shirting picked up for a bargain for $4 per meter, a surprising find from East Coast Fabrics making this shirt a very economical sew.




For Oscars darling little shirt I drafted the pattern myself, as after a quick search on the internet for came up void. Although he’s nearly two, he’s on the petite side and wears a standard size 12months.

I found sewing little clothes is very satisfying. They come together really quick, use minimal fabric and the results are better than store-bought. Topstitching cuffs and collars require a bit of concentrating and practice getting your hand used to manipulating the smaller size, but after a bit of practice the topstitching turned out perfect.

I REALLY enjoyed sewing both of these garments. it was such a nice break to sew for leisure and pleasure rather than work, reminding me how fortunate we are to be able to sew our own clothes, the amazing patterns and community that is available and the pleasure a hand sewn garment gives. After this little recharge we’ll be back developing our new designs with new updates soon.


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