Dear friends, I wanted to tell you about an experience I had that has changed my life forever. Its a bit of a serious issue but one that needs much much more attention.

In 2010 I attended my first ever Colour Conference and had my eyes opened to another world. A world where people are commodities and bought and sold like nothing more that a used car. 27 million people are currently victims of Human Slavery. 1.39 million woman, currently enslaved as sex salves in Europe alone. As the stories were told, the statistics delivered and the horror and enormity of the situation unfolded, I sobbed in my seat, sick to my stomach and eventually was able to lift my jaw off the floor. The emotion was part the realisation to my blindness of this huge injustice and the horror that for some girls, this is their reality. Every number a name, a family and future. Someones sister, daughter, best friend. While the statistics are numbing and devastating, hope and determination filled the room as stories were told of amazing rescues and an opportunity offered, that yes we can make a difference and yes we can be the change.

“What took you so long?”, a passionate, even angry statement uttered by a recent rescued victim, is as fresh in my mind now in 2012 as when I first heard it in 2010. Bold and frank, this statement hit me like a slap in the face. The realisation dawning that She is waiting on us and her future is in our hands.

The idea for Pattern Runway was conceived shortly after the conference with the hope that just maybe I could contribute somehow in making a difference, however small or seemingly insignificant, just might help one day in rescuing someone and changing her future for ever. Although I am aware that it has taken me 2 years to take action, of that I am rather ashamed and I am asking myself “What took me so long?”.

January 12 2012, was Human Trafficking Awareness day and the A21 campaign are setting aside 10 days, January 11- 21 with 21 ways that you can make a difference. I encourage you to check it out, open your heart, listen to the stories and if nothing else, be aware of the huge injustice that exists and let hope rise in your heart that you can make a difference.

Thanks for reading this post, if you were like me and didn’t realize this injustice, I hope you haven’t minded learning a little bit about it, and I encourage you to check out the links to the A21 campaign. To those of you who are already aware, my question to you is what are we going to do about it? Together I’m sure we can do something, love to hear any ideas or thoughts.

with love…

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