By less travelled I mean neglect, this project and blog has been suffering. Let me explain. I have this terrible habit of saying “yes” when I mean no, “sure, I can do that”, when really I’m not interested, and “I’d love to help out”, when really I would rather do my own thing. Does anyone else do this?

It isn’t that I’m being dishonest by these answers, I truly can and would want to help you out, it’s just that every time I say yes to a project, the realisation of my goals for Pr gets further and further away.

Part of it is a fear of missing out of an opportunity, a fear of taking my own dreams and vision seriously and a fear of choosing to walk the unexplored, unseen path over a tangible seen (usually easier) project that has a clearly seen end in sight. So my new word is no. Just a little word that for me holds a lot of creative freedom.

So with some fresh new goals defined, here is a renewed commitment to inspiring you to sew, offering support through techniques and alternations you can do yourself and of course offering a selection of fashion patterns. I hope that you stay with me as the vision for Pr unfolds and we see just what this little blog and pattern store can be.


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