Well hello there! It’s been a quite the few months since our last post and an even greater distance since we released a pattern – but we are still here. While we have not been actively blogging or contributing to the flourishing sewing community (hasn’t it taken off!) – we have been watching it from afar.  You see we’ve had a slight distraction these last few months, a much desired + longed for distraction, and one that hasn’t come easily or without challenge. He’s Pattern Runway’s littlest member, a VIP we call ‘The Poppit’.

Now 10 months into the journey of motherhood,  I have pondered this post and introduction to you many many times not knowing how to manage my time, energy and emotion, to get my thoughts into some sort of coherent ramble and offer an explanation over our unintentional and poorly communicated leave of absence. We are so so sorry it’s been so long and miss you all dearly. All that aside let me introduce you, born a few weeks early – our little darling (that’s almost a toddler, not a baby anymore!!!).






You might have noticed our other child, the fur baby in the images above – Louie the cat. He’s NOT amused with the new addition and is rather jealous, demanding and just plain naughty. Stubbornly demanding that he’s (still) the baby of the family, (and therefore, the most important). Having grown up with furry friends, despite the rocky introduction, I’m hoping that these two will become the best of mates and share many an adventure together.

Regarding new patterns and blog posts, if I have learnt anything these last 10 months, that is to not make promises. Little people, while adorable fascinating things that you very much fall in love with over and over again have this uncanny way of changing and interrupting your plans. What works one day, one week, certainly does not guarantee that tomorrow or next week will be the same. Disappointingly, there are no new pattern updates or sewing projects to inspire you with, there’s nothing even in the works but we do hope to be writing again here soon. Our hands are restless and craving to create and our wardrobe is rather shabby and neglected, providing much needed motivation to get creating again.

So we’ll keep this post short and sweet, we just wanted to catch you up on where we are at and introduce you to the VIP.

Gosh its lovely to be writing again, and dreaming about sewing and making. I’m off to pour a glass of wine with Mr PR and celebrate that I got this post, out of my head, written and live. Until next time my friends, it’s been lovely.

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