I found this gorgeous dress wandering on Pinterest the other day and thought that our Easy Short Sleeved Kimono Dress pattern could be very easily adapted into this style. Heres how:

How to alter the Skirt:
Back Skirt: trace off the skirt pattern and lengthen the Skirt to floor length (plus hem allowance),
Front Skirt: Right side Front create a copy of the lengthened back skirt and draw a vertical line approx 1/3 of the way across the skirt to create the split. Cut these out then retrace each piece and add on an allowance to create a fold back facing of each side of the split,  which you could hand hem.  I would allow for the same amount for the facing as you allow for your hem.

Sequined Skirt: 
Front and Back Skirt: Trace off another copy of the skirt pattern and shorten to mid thigh length (Plus hem allowance)

Pattern is available for purchase by clicking here

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