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Sewn for pleasure

I took a little break from developing our new patterns to sew something for myself and my little one. I have been rather emotional as of late as my son is rapidly approaching two (!!!) and his babyhood is well in truly over and he’s half way through his toddlerhood,...

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New Journeys; behind the scenes of the last wee while.

Well hello there! It’s been a quite the few months since our last post and an even greater distance since we released a pattern – but we are still here. While we have not been actively blogging or contributing to the flourishing sewing community (hasn't it taken off!)...

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Simply Sewn: Bindings 3 ways…

Necklines and armholes quite often are finished with a facing. While I do like facings and the clean finish that they create, sometimes its nice to not have all that extra fabric and instead use a binding to finish the edge. A bound neckline or armhole can give a...

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Simply Sewn: Under-Stitching

If you are wanting to create a professional 'ready to wear' look to your self-made clothing, you’ll be wanting to familiarise yourself with the term and technique of UNDER-STITCHING. Ever had a facing or pocket lining refuse to stay hidden and pop out for attention?...

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