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{Inspire} – How do you wear yours?


One thing that I love about our Pussy Bow Blouse Pattern is that it is versatile! By having the bow as a separate piece from the blouse, this gives you options and there’s nothing quite like a garment that gives you options!

I made up this sweet black and white spotted georgette this week and have been having fun playing with the different ways that you can tie the bow, and the different looks that it gives you. From prim, proper and quirky to laid back and casual, so how do you wear yours?

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  • Hi, I just wanted to say that I have finished making this blouse in a navy voile bought from The Fabric Store, and it is a PERFECT fit. Can’t wait to try your other patterns!

    • Hello, thank you for letting me know that! So appreciate your feedback and very excited to hear that the fit was good! Is that the Fabric Store is Australia? If so the one is Brisbane is my Most favourite Place!!!

  • Yes, I’m in Brisbane too and a bit addicted to the store. Bought a beautiful Marc Jacobs wool tweed that I can’t bring myself to cut into!

  • I haven’t made mein yet but i might sew this one as soon as possible.
    Love all 4 looks.