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New Sizing

We have had several requests for larger sizes in our patterns and we are happy to say that we have heard you! While we can’t as yet facilitate a plus size range due not having skills and experience creating styles for plus size but we have extended our sizing to now including 7 sizes.

We also wanted to let you know that we have changed our sizing and now align our styles with the European market. We wanted to provide a smaller increase between our sizes. Previously we based our sizing on Australian and New Zealand ready to wear, adopting a 5cm (2 inch) increase in the body circumference i.e. the bust, waist and hip all have 5cm between each size. We now offer our sizing with a smaller increase between our sizes of 4cm. We are hoping that the change in sizes will suit a broader range of sewers ( is there are better name to call ourselves? I did come across the term: ‘seamster’) and resulting in a better fit. Check out our new size chart below:

We will be updating some of our existing styles to follow our new size guide.


  • Sewists? Also the next time you change/add sizing please go down to a 34.

    • Yes Sewists is better! Thanks for your feedback, noted and will consider!

    • molly

      I agree … please add the size 34, the smallest size in the old sizing method was perfect for me … but with the new sizing, the smallest is too big and I’m not a good enough seamstress to alter patterns …
      I love love love your patterns and glad that larger sizing will be added but please please don’t forget us in the small size …
      thank you very much ….

    • Hi Molly, thank you for your feedback and comments, very much appreciated, we will take it into consideration.

    • Nic

      Yes, please include the smaller size again!! That’s the reason I sew; to have clothes with a waist that fit properly. The smallest size for your scalloped shorts fitted me perfectly the first time, it was great!

  • Awesome, but please, pretty please, learn about plus sizing and work it in! There are so many beautiful patterns I want to make but I can’t because of the sizing. Thanks!

    • Hello, thanks for your feedback. I wish it was just a simple as learning the plus sizing, Unfortunately there is so much more to it and being such a little company we just can’t cater for everything 🙁 I wish we could though !!!

  • jess


    for those who have bought the pattern before the updated sizing, would they/we be getting the updated sizing version? or do we have to buy the pattern again to get the ones with the new sizing?
    thank you.
    i’ve bought a number of your pattern via etsy, but i’m very sure i don’t have the receipt/proof of purchase anymore … but i do have the easy purchases detail …


    • Hi Jess, Our new patterns; coffee date dress, Dropped Waist shirt dress and Stella Dress have the new sizing standard but our older ones have yet to be updated to the new sizes. If you email me, or let me know your etsy Name, when we get round to updateing the older ones we can contact you!

  • lisa


    would you be doing a blog post to let us know when the older ones have been updated?