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{Project} ~ Rosette Bib Necklace


This post is in no way original! Fabric rosettes and necklaces have been doing the rounds in blogging sphere in a big way. You only have to google “Bib necklace” to find an array of D.I.Y tutorials and blog posts devoted to this project. Its a little bit crafty and a little bit shabby chic, but… its popularity in no way diminishes the desirability of this delightfully sweet, simple and fashionable adornment.


~ How to create a Fabric Rosette:
Cut a strip of fabric about 1.5″/ 3cm wide and about 50cm /20″ long. The longer the fabric the bigger the flower. Tie a knot in one end and trim off the end close to the knot.
Tuck the knot back on its self and begin to roll the fabric around it, turning and twisting the fabric strip in, towards the centre of the flower.
Keep rolling, turing and twisting. Use a little dab of fabric glue every now and then to secure the fabric twists, or you could hand sew them too! I tried both gluing and sewing, and found using glue much quicker, easier and less fidely!
When you have a flower of desired size, twist the fabric strip to the underneath of the fabric, trim off and glue to the flower base and make another one!  Sew a couple of beads in the centre of your flowers!
~ How to make the necklace:
Once you have made several flowers of different sizes, arrange you flowers on a piece of paper in a bib like shape.
Draw around your flowers to make a pattern that you will use to cut out of felt for the backing of your necklace. Keeping your flowers in the same arrangement, slide the paper out and trim your pattern by at least 6mm / 1/4″ so that no Felt will be visible from the front.
Place your pattern on your felt, draw around it and cut it out. Ball point pen is the easiest medium to glide over the felt.
Fabric Ties:
Place an end of your ribbon tie about 2″ / 5cm on the felt and glue down using fabric glue. Repeat for the other side.
Dab glue on underneath of your flowers and press heavily on to the felt. I also dabbed a small amount of glue between the flowers to help stabilize the necklace. Tie a bow at either end or knot the ribbon ties to help it lie flat and your done! Ta dah!
Heres the view from the back:
~ Enjoy,


  • ooobop

    It might not be original but it is the nicest one I’ve seen! And the tutorial is really clear and helpful. Thank you for posting 🙂

  • Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial.I can make this as a gift for my friends!

  • I think this is one of my favourite floral bib necklaces. And you have gorgeous patterns for sale.

  • Thank you for all your loverly words!

  • Marybeth

    Thank you so much for your easy-to-follow explanation. I can’t wait to try my own!

  • Beautiful.. I love it!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for these instructions! I’m making one as I type this and it is turning out just as beautiful. I am using a robin’s egg blue linen and ivory grosgrain ribbon. It’s casual elagance at it’s greatest.

  • Love it! This is an awesome tutorial. 🙂

  • AHHH! Thats so cool!

  • Anonymous

    So excited to try making these as Christmas gifts. Thanks!

  • They would be perfect christmas gifts! What lucky friends you have to be ale to get one!

  • I have posted links to this tutorial on my blog. Please let me know if you would like me to remove it and I will remove it right away. I have changed my blog over to sharing all the wonderful tutorials I have found. Thank you for your tutorial!


  • Anonymous

    Just finished my necklace by following your great tutorial– thank you so much! I used ivory and gray, but now I want to make one in a whole slew of colors!! I love it! Thank you thank you thank you. 🙂

  • Adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    what kind of fabric did you use, and where can i buy it?

    • Hi there, I used a 100% Linen to make the flowers, I’m guessing that most fabric stores will stock linen, especially in the warmer seasons!

  • Your necklace is beautiful! How much fabric would you estimate you needed?

    • Thank you! Depend on the amount of rosettes you decide to create and also the size of them? you could make a similar amount as mine in about 40cm of fabric, that would give you quite a few to play with. Thank you for asking and hope yours turns out super.

  • TLN

    Gorgeous tutorial! I can’t wait to try it out!!! 🙂

  • sofie

    I’d like to PIN this to remind myself to make one! Thank you for this tutorial. It’s beautiful!!

  • lindo voy a hacerlo. gracias.

  • Thanks for the tutorial, it helps me so much :DD
    The necklace is so gorgeous…

  • nunca crei que con un trozo pudieran hacerse flores tan bonitas
    lo probare seguro

  • Very pretty! Too bad I have such terrible luck with fabric flowers. My sister would love this for Christmas.

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  • Sheryl

    It’s great to see a new design of flower necklace. I am excited to create my own.

  • Johanna Arco

    So beautiful