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Jacket Terminology:

Since completing my tailored jacket, I have become slightly obsessed with jackets in all shapes and sizes and can’t stop analysing every jacket I see;  fit, type of collar, width of lapels, height of notches and depth of break points are all coming under scrutiny. Just incase I am speaking a language that you don’t understand heres a little help to know your notches from your lapels.

While we are talking about jacket collars, here are a few of the main collar variations for next time you are admiring a jacket, you too can talk about its peaked lapels, high notches, or lovely Roll collar.


  • theperfectnose

    Oh wow, these are really cool, thanks for sharing! What software do you use to draw your images with? Is it pattern making software?

    • Pattern Runway

      Hello! thank you, I use Adobe Illustrator, but any vector based/cad program will do! There are some free ones around. You can also use excel to do this type of drawing too, its just a little bit frustrating and slower. :)

  • gingermakes

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Grace

    I’m a TD at a woman’s suit company. We call double welt pockets “besom” pockets. I confess, I have no idea why.

    • Pattern Runway

      Hi there Grace, wow I haven’t heard of that term before! What nation are your from? I’d love to know more about Jacket construction in a production environment, if you are able to share any information? The companies I have worked for didn’t do very many suits, only really simple over coats and I never got to really learn any production standards/techniques and would love to! ( totally understand if you can’t share information, though )

  • BrittyGirl Shares

    Thanks so much for the diagrams – printing them right now!