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  • Zoe

    Cute pattern, I was wondering do you have any pictures of the actual garment it makes? I’d like to get a better picture about how it would come out.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hey there, If you have a look on our Facebook Page, scroll down a bit and there is a submitted photo of Sarah who sewed a really lovely skirt using this pattern,

  • Do you have any advice for shortening this skirt please ?

    • Hello, it would be very easy to shorten this skirt, either prior to cutting out your fabric, decide on the length you want the skirt to be ( plus hem allowance) and shorten the pattern by folding or trimming the hem higher ( its a straight, rectangle ish pattern piece) or cut out as is then take up a deeper hem than suggested or cut to the desired length plus hem allowance.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful pattern

  • kath

    Where is the pattern?

    • Hello, f you’d like to sign up to the mailing list, the link to download the pattern is on the confirmation email! Email me if you don’t get it. 🙂

  • Kathleen

    What material do you find best to use and what colour?

    • Hello! ANy fabric that has a soft drape, so fabrics like chiffon, georgette, silks, lightweight cottons, and as for colour, well thats are hard one to recommend! Black is always so wearable all year round, but there is so much colour around at the moment, or even cute prints would be gorgeous or a sweet spot!

  • I didn’t get the link for the skirt. Could you email it to me? I’m going to give the skirt a go before diving into the gathered sundress, which has really caught my eye….Thanks!

    • Hello, Yes of course, would you mind emailing me at pattern runway[@]gmail[dot]com? then I can email it through to you. Thanks!